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The question isn’t always, does he love you or does he not. But sometimes you have to ask yourself if this really is the kind of love you want. – Wisdoms my mom taught me (via lifeisnotalollipop)

do you ever go through those phases where you just don’t feel like talking to anyone for a few days and it’s not because you’re mad or anything you just don’t feel like talking???

Everyday I wish that someday, somehow I could travel with my Grandfather to the places he have never been and to eat food he’d love to eat.

Lord, I’m doing this and everything for him. To pay everything he have done for me. Please, give him strength and ALWAYS wake him up every morning and everytime he falls asleep.

Thank you for the blessings. I’m on the way to work and God bless our way.


Own computer, own table, own things, own cabinet. How’s that position?

Eto yung dream ko na position eh. Hahaha. Medyo boss ang peg. I’m too young but…kakayanin nandito na ko eh!

Lord, thank you for hearing my prayers aside from this one I have a favor to ask kundi gumaling si Lolo ng magaling na magaling! :)

Para he can go everywhere kung saan ko siya dalhin at makain lahat ng pagkain yung walang bawal! Hihi. Loveyou.

Sumikat ka lang sobra ka ng mang-isnab. Tigas ng mukha.

Kaumay sa facebook puro nabuntis, naging tatay.

Pag iyong mga ‘yon nagkatotoo. Bugbog ang katapat niyo sa mga magulang niyo. Huehe. Lul

I got hired.

After 3days from the final interview the good news just came earlier today. I got hired that considered to be my 2nd job to experience.

I never thought that I will be the one to get the position, I told you before I have a competitor to lose from.

With that I had another option another work to choose if by chance I did not get the position.

It also put me into hard decision to choose between the two. I even asked opinions to my relatives.

But God just heard my prayers, I went to church yesterday with my brother. I asked that I already want to work and just give me sign/s which one to choose. And then today….the general manager just called and told me to report to them on Wednesday and supposed to be the start of my work.

Things are running smoothly nowadays. Thank you Lord, for everything. ❤️😊

Minsan kahit tapos na ko sa banyo nakaupo pa din ako. Parang yun nalang yung lugar dito sa bahay na may privacy ako.

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